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Illinois Valley Wheelmen book of maps and recipes


Marie Sansone

Stories of the Road blogspot


How Big Are The Pancakes?
Three Biker Chicks Cycle Across America!

Kathy Krull

The Complete Grand Illinois Trail Guidebook

Todd Volker

The Road has no End

Tim Travis

Awake Again
Martin Krieg. 
After suffering an almost fatal head injury
Martin rides his bike across the country 

Happy Ending's
A Mother / Daughter Travelogue by Margaret Logan 

Bicycle Guide to the Lewis and Clark Trail
Tod Rodger 

The First Big Ride
Eloise Hanner.
A woman's journey across the country. 

Elroy Sparta Trail Guidebook
Bob Sobie 

Metal Cowboy
Riding Outside the Lines

Joe Kurmaskie 


Michelle R. Sicard

The Lead Goat Veered Off
  Partners in Grime
Neil Anderson

Above the Circle
Marty Basch

Bicycle Trails of Illinois
Ray Hoven


Stan Purdum

The Adventure of Two Lifetimes

Peggy & Brian Goetz

The Bike Path

Wayne Lankford



Anne Mustoe

Biking on bike trails between
Chicago & Milwaukee

Peter Blommer


Alpen Books

American Bike Trails Maps and books


Cyclotour Guide Books

Trail Resources

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