Pre-Ride Check List

Used with permission from S. A. Joyce from this website

Don't show up for a bicycle ride with a scooter, a tricycle, training wheels, a child's bike, a single-speed "cruiser," a stunt bike, or a moped or other motorized bike.  These devices have their place, but that place is not in a cycling event on public roads.

Do bring a properly fitting helmet and a roadworthy bicycle; a multiple-geared road or trail bike is best.  In most cases, tandem and recumbent bicycles are suitable.  Owners of streamlined bikes should bear in mind that such machines have low visibility to the rear and may be awkward to control in urban traffic.

In addition, bring a courteous, cooperative, and friendly attitude; "road warrior" types are a danger both to themselves and to others.  Be alert and sober; alcohol not only impairs judgment and reflexes, but accelerates dehydration while reducing the body's ability to maintain a stable temperature.  Partying is fine, but do it after the ride.

Your bicycle doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, but it should be in good repair and properly adjusted.  Following is a quick and easy pre-ride check list.

It is advisable to carry (or to ride with someone else who carries) the following:

Water bottles and tire pump can be mounted on the bicycle frame; other tools and first aid kit can be stowed in a "wedge pack" slung underneath the seat.  If any part of the ride is expected to be after dark or during poor visibility, the bike should be equipped with a headlight and taillight (not just reflectors).

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