Elroy Sparta Trail

Ride report with pictures from the Elroy Sparta trail in Wisconsin.
August 18th, 2001

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To Tunnel #2

The next town along the path was Wilton. You will be greeted by an old caboose as you enter town. 
I ran into another rider named Mike from Green Bay. 
He was doing a loop from Green Bay through the far west rail trails, up the Mississippi and back to Green Bay. He had just retired and decided to do this trip for himself.
Lloyd and Bud rode up the street and bought some flashlights to use in the tunnels.
We rode along until we came to tunnel #2. Here is a picture of Jenny and me just outside the East end of tunnel #2 
Here are some other pictures of the East entrance to tunnel #2.        
Walking through this tunnel was about the same as tunnel #1. It was fairly dry but the brick work was different.
This tunnel is 1/4 mile or 1694 feet, the same length as the first one. In this tunnel there are cutouts
in the walls where railroad workers could get out of the way of trains. 
Here are couple of views from inside the tunnel.        
Here is my daughter Jenny coming out of tunnel #2 
You can see Lloyd coming out of the darkness with his new flashlight.

Pictures of the West end of of tunnel #2        
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