Wisconsin Biking
Rail Trails
400 State Trail
400 State Trail Map
400 State Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Ahnapee Trail Map
Bearskin trail map
Bike the Badger Trail (Maps)
Cheese County Trail w/ map
Chippewa River Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Elroy Sparta Trail Ride Report
Elroy-Sparta State Trail (Official Site)
Elroy-Sparta State Trail Map
Elroy Sparta Map (Trails from rails)
Elroy-Sparta Trail Guidebook (Bob Sobie) 
Gandy Dancer Map (Trails from rails)
Glacial Drumlin Trail Map
Great River Trail Map (Trails from rails)
La Crosse River State Trail  with Map
La Crosse River State Trail Ofiicial Site
La Crosse River Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Military Ridge Trail Map
Mountain Bay Trail Map
Omaha Trail Ride Report
Omaha Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Ozaukee Interurban Trail
Pine Line Trail Map
Pine River Recreation Trail
Pine River Recreation Trail Map
Red Cedar Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Sugar River Trail (Map)Trip Report
Sugar River Trail Map (Trails from rails)
Sparta pictures
Trails from Rails Wisconsin page
Wild Goose Trail Map

Bike Trails with maps-LaCrosse Tribune
Bike Trails in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Travel)
Bike Wisconsin
Ride reports on Wisconsin Rail Trails
WDNR Find a State Trail
Wisconsin Bicycle Tours (Wisconline)
Wisconsin Bicycle Trails (Wisconline)
Wisconsin Trails (Mtbr)



Mountain Bike Trails
Blue Hills Trail East
Blue Hills Trail West
CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association)
Kettle Moraine John Muir Maps (Trailmonkey)
Kettle Moraine Southern Unit Trails
Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation
Lucas Paruch's Mountain Bike Trails Page
Renegade Trails
Wisconsin mountain bike trails
Wisconsin Mountain Bike trails & maps (Trailmonkey)
Wisconsin Off road mountain biking trails and descriptions (Lucas Paruch)
Wisconsin State Forests off road bicycle trail guide
WORBA (Wisconsin Off Road Bicycle Association)

Online Maps

Wisconsin County Maps (Maps of every county)
Alma, Great River Road North Trail Map, (90K)
Alma, Great River Road South Trail Map, (93K)
Baraboo Range, WI...(61K)
Baraboo, Devils Lake State Trails Map, (64K)
Black Hawks Retreat, WI...(124KB)
Chippewa River Trail, Eauclair, WI...(141K)
Chequamegon Bay, WI...(43K)
Chequamegon Area Trails, Hayward, WI...(112K)
Chequamegon, Cable & Seeley Cluster, Trail Map, (300K)
Chequamegon, Delta & Drummond Cluster, Trail Map, (337K)
Chequamegon, Drummond Area Trails Map, (271K)
Chequamegon, Namakagon Cluster Trails Map, (315K)
Chequamegon, Hayward & Seeley Cluster, Trail Map, (323K)
Chequamegon Bay, (42K)
Chequamegon Area Trails, (111K)
Chippewa River Trail, (141K)
Czech Heritage Tour, WI...(140K)
Devils Lake State Trails, Baraboo, WI...(64K)
Dodgeville, Governor Dodge State Trails, (81K)
Emma Carlin Trails, Palmyra, WI...(103K)
Frank Lloyd Wright, WI...(36K)
Freedom Heritage Trail, WI...(127K)
Glacial Drumlin State Trail, Waukesha, WI...(101K)
Governor Dodge State Trails, Dodgeville, WI...(81K)
Greenbush Trails, Greenbush, WI...(93K)
Great River Road North Trail, Alma, WI...(90K)
Great River Road South Trail, Alma, WI...(93K)
Great River State Trail, Medary, WI...(172K)
Great River State Trail, Southern Areas(90K)
Hartman Creek State Trails, Waupaca, WI...(106K)
Hartman Creek State Trails, (36K)
Iron County Wisconsin Mountain Bike Trails
John Muir Trails, La Grange, WI...(150K)
Kettle Moraine-South, Regional Overview Map [small], (14K)
Kettle Moraine-South, Emma Carlin Trail Map, [small], (24K)
Kettle Moraine-South, Emma Carlin-John Muir Trails Map, (237K)
Kettle Moraine-South, J. Muir & Nordic Hiking Map, [small], (41K)
Kettle Moraine-South Unit, Forest and Area Map [Northern half], (214K)
Kettle Moraine-South Unit, Forest and Area Map [Southern half], (187K)
Kettle Moraine State Forest, "Ice Age & Horse" Trail Map, (93K)
LaCrosse River State Trail, Medary, WI...(160K)
Lead Mining Tour, WI...(121K)
North Country Scenic Trail Map, '97 (82K)
Red Cedar State Trail, Menomonie, WI...(134K)
Wild Goose State Trail, Juneau, WI...(123K)
"400" State Trail Map, [Elroy-->Reedsburg], (109K)

Wisconsin Bike Clubs

Wisconsin Bicycle Clubs

Chocolate Chipmunk Trails
Outspokin' Bike Tours
Located in Sparta, Tours and shuttle service for your bikes.
Allows you to ride more trails in the same timeframe. Great service!
Jim's Wisconsin Bike Tours
Wisconsin Bicycle Tours (Wisconline)
Eden Excursions
Overland Touring Company
Click here for Midwest Bicycle Rides for 2006
Wisconsin Biking.com Rides
Wisconsin Bicycling Events BFW
Glacier Valley Wilderness Adventures
Wisconsin bike rides
Northwoods to Capitol Tour
Wisconsin Bike Pages, News, Information
Bike Trails of Wisconsin and the Midwest
Wisconsin Spokes Listings of all trails
Wisconsin Parks (Trail searches)
Bicycling Community Page (Madison Wi.)
Bicycle Federation Of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Bicyclist
North Central Mountain Bike Patrol
Wisconsin MTB
Bike Shops
Complete list for Wisconsin 
Dealers sorted by shop name
Dealers sorted by town
Wisconsin Off Road Series WORS
Wisconsin Sport
Wisconsin Cycling Association
Biking on bike trails between
Chicago & Milwaukee
Peter Blommer
Elroy-Sparta Trail Guidebook (Bob Sobie) 
Wisconsin Bicycle Laws
Laws & Statutes


Trail Resources Trail Maps and books for sale
Wisconsin County Bike Maps (Every county)

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