Spring Popup Maintenance Checklist
(Coutesy of Jim and Linda King,  love2camp5@cs.com)

 1. Inspect tires for wear.

 2. Check air pressure, and lug nuts.

 3. Repack wheel bearings

 4. Make sure electric brakes are properly adjusted.

 5. De-winterize and disinfect water system.

 6. Check furnace exhaust vent for cobwebs, etc.

 7. Check frig for spider problems.

 8. Light furnace, water heater, and both stoves to make sure everything's okay!

 9. Inspect tenting.

 10. Look for any signs of rodent damage or infestation.

 11. Lubricate bed slides and lifter cables.

 12. Replace all items brought in for the winter.

 13. Restock with anything whose supply is exhausted.


 Fleetville, PA
 '93 Chevy Suburban
 '99 Coleman Bayside
 YES!  It really is spring!