Elroy Sparta Trail

Ride report with pictures from the Elroy Sparta trail in Wisconsin.
August 18th, 2001

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To Tunnel #3

On this section the trail is shaded well by the trees. 
The trees also help block the wind.

The next town is Norwalk. There is an old creamery building on your right. 

Here is a nice view of a hill to the South of the trail. 
Just before tunnel #3 on the right is this slow running spring running over the moss covered rocks. 
Here is a picture of some pretty white birch trees just above the entrance to the tunnel. 

The East entrance to tunnel #3.        
I walked into tunnel #3 and it is quite different than the other 2 tunnels. Besides the tunnel being 3/4 mile or 3810 feet long there is a lot of dripping water from the ceiling. At some points it felt like it was raining. I would suggest wearing a windbreaker or a raincoat while walking through the tunnel. There is a natural spring within the hill that drains itself by running along both sides of the tunnel walls. The water is very cold. I wish I could have tasted the water but I don't carry a filter to purify it.
The light at the end of the tunnel is just a small speck when you enter and seems to take a long time to get to the other end. It took me about 10-15 minutes to walk through this tunnel. There wasn't as much air movement by the tunnel openings as there was with the other 2 tunnels.

I walked out the end of tunnel #3 and waited for the rest of my group. Lloyd took a pic of me in front of the West entrance to tunnel #3 
After leaving the tunnel there is a rest stop on your left with a pop machine and some picnic tables. There are a lot of hungry bees that like soda so be careful.
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